Solar Water Heating and Anti-Slip Specialists

Free-Sol is a renewable energy and safety solutions company with many delighted customers who are happy to recommend our products and services.

* We are a major importer of the latest technology solar water heaters and a distributor of Safe-Grip, an anti-slip treatment for all types of flooring.


* We provide reliable solutions at an affordable price with excellent after sales support.  All our systems are designed with your specific requirements in mind and our products are tried and tested.


* As a major importer, our customers benefit from lower costs.


* Our products are sympathetic to the environment and are designed to reduce energy consumption.


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Introduction to Solar Water Heating


* Use free energy from the sun by installing a Free-Sol solar water heater that is more affordable than ever.


* There has never been a better time to upgrade your home to harness the power of the sun.



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Safe-Grip Anti-Slip Distributor

* We have exclusive distribution rights for the Costa Calida for Safe-Grip anti-slip solution.


* Safe-Grip treatment reduces the risk  of slips and falls on most types of natural floor surfaces such as ceramic tiles, marble, concrete and enamel baths and shower trays.











* This type of treatment can be particularly beneficial on steps, especially after a shower of rain, around swimming pools and where young children may be playing.


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