Solar Hot Water

Quick, Easy and Efficient

Solar water heaters also known as solar thermal heaters collect energy from the sun to heat water for your home.  Choosing to heat your hot water with solar is an environmentally friendly way for you to reduce your energy costs and save money. 


  • Provides free hot water through the year
  • Lower electricity bills
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Cost efficient and proven technology

Solar Water Heaters:

Flat Plate Systems


This stylish, modern design provides an efficient way to heat water.  The sun’s energy is transferred directly to the hot water and stored.  These systems can be installed on flat or pitched roofs making them suitable for most houses.



Evacuated Tube Systems


The tubes permit high heat retention and so heat collected during the day can be retained during cloudy days and through the night.  They are ideal for high temperature applications and can also resist freezing conditions.

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