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What types of solar water heaters do you supply and install?


We supply and install the latest non-pressurised and compact pressurised evacuated tube solar water heaters.


What area do you cover for installing your solar systems?


We install solar water heating systems within 1½ hours’ drive of our office, which is situated in Bolnuevo near Mazarrón in Murcia.


How do I know which solar water heater is best for me?


Designing, installing and using a solar water heater is not complicated.  There are however important factors that must be taken into consideration to ensure performance, reliability and therefore customer satisfaction.   Factors to consider include climate, water quality, hot water demands, installation in the correct direction and at the correct angle to ensure optimal heat output from the collectors.


Exactly which system is best for you will depend on these factors and we are happy to discuss your particular circumstances to identify the best system to suit your specific needs.


With Free-Sol’s extensive experience of designing, supplying, installing and servicing solar water heaters you are guaranteed to have the right system, properly installed using quality components.  It will be one of the best investments you ever make that will last for many years.


What maintenance will my solar water heater require?


Properly installed, solar water heaters are generally “fit and forget” with few maintenance requirements and costs.


Can I generate electricity with my solar water heating system?


A solar hot water system will heat water only.  To generate electricity, you will need photovoltaic panels or a micro wind turbine.


Will my solar water heater work on a cloudy day?


Our evacuated tube solar collectors still provide excellent results even on cloudy days.  This is because the tubes are able to absorb energy from infrared rays which can pass through clouds.  Wind and low temperatures also have less of an effect on the function of evacuated tubes when compared to flat plate solar collectors due to the insulating properties of the vacuum.


Can I control the temperature of the water in the system’s tank?


Systems are supplied with an electronic controller and this is usually fixed in a kitchen or utility room.  The controller is linked to an electric immersion heater installed in the tank.  A temperature sensor is also installed in the storage tank.  The controller:


  • Gives constant readout of current tank water temperature
  • Allows a minimum water temperature to be set, so that if for example after 2 days of overcast weather the water temperature falls below a preset level, the immersion heater will cut in


With non-pressurised systems, the controller also enables the water level in the tank to be set at 50%, 75% or 100%.  This allows the stored water level in the tank to be reduced so that in winter during a period of poor weather, it is possible to maintain water temperature by reducing the quantity of stored water if so desired.


Is my roof suitable for a solar water heater?


The ‘solar collector’ is best mounted in a North South orientation as the tubes can then passively track the sun throughout the day.   However, the evacuated tube collectors present a large surface to the sunlight and this significantly improves the performance making a ‘perfect’ orientation less critical.


The system can be mounted on either a pitched roof or a solarium.  It can be mounted at any angle on its adjustable frame, or for the least visual impact, it could lie flat on your roof tiles.  On a solarium roof it can be fixed on its adjustable frame at any angle.


Can I buy a system from you and then install it myself?


Yes.  If you have good plumbing skills it should be possible to install the system yourself.  We are happy to provide a quotation for supply only.  Please note that a self installed system will not be covered by our guarantees.


What is the payback period?


This depends on unknowns such as the future price of fuel and electricity.  That said, the payback period for 2 people with average water consumption should be less than 5 years.  For larger families, the payback period could be significantly less.


To work out if a solar water heating system is worth installing from a financial perspective, you need an approximate idea of how much you spend on hot water throughout the year and when you use it.  You can then establish how long it takes to get back your investment in the solar system.


Remember that a solar system also adds value to your property and you will be making a significant contribution to reducing your carbon footprint.


What is the life expectancy of your solar systems?


Solar technology has been around for many years and has proven to be very reliable.  Our water heaters are well made from durable materials and will last a long time (at least 15-20 years).


Do you have spare parts should I ever need them?


Yes, we hold in stock all spare parts for our solar water heaters.


Are your solar systems covered by a guarantee?


Our solar water heaters are guaranteed for 3 years and the electrical components (including the sensor probe and pump) are guaranteed for 1 year.  During the guarantee period we will replace, free of charge, any defective part on proof of sale provided that:


  • The date of purchase is within the period of guarantee i.e. 3 years
  • The customer provides a valid sales invoice
  • The account has been paid in full


I live in a hard water area.  How will this affect my solar water heater?


Over time this could cause a problem in the same way as for other domestic appliances.  In these circumstances we recommend that we supply and fit a suitable scale inhibitor.


How do I find out how much a system will cost?


Our installation costs vary depending on the type and size of solar water heater, the location of the system and whether a booster pump is required.  Please contact us when you are ready for us to carry out a free no obligation survey and to give a fixed price quotation based on your individual needs.



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"Free-Sol installed our solar water heating system just over three years ago and it has probably been the best money we have spent on our house in terms of return"

Dave and Debbie Keys, Camposol Sector A, Mazarron

"We have noticed that our electricity bills have reduced significantly since having our solar system installed so thanks to all at Free-Sol"

Nick Ford, Camposol Sector D, Mazarron

"A year ago Free-Sol fitted us with a solar water system. It has made such a difference to our lives, constant hot water and the service we recieve is the best ever."

Ken and Joy Mitchell, Gebas

"Our Free-Sol solar water heater is simply the best thing we have bought in Spain."

Sue and Mike Naylor, Camposol Sector B, Mazarron

"I would highly recommend Free-Sol for your Solar Water requirements."

Neil Broadbridge, Lorca

We would recommend Free-Sol without hesitation to carry out your solar water heater installation. It has been an excellent investment for us that can only get better as energy prices continue to rise

Eileen and Ron Crawford, Camposol Sector C, Mazarron


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Inside-Out services include building work and garden design.  To learn more about these services please contact Mark Johnson on:

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