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Installing solar PV (photovoltaic) panels at your home will enable you to generate your own electricity to help reduce your energy bills. As most homes are already connected to the electricity grid, a grid connected solar installation enables any excess energy to be sent back to the grid. You can also install batteries so that the energy you do not use can be stored and used later.  




  • Protect yourself from rising electricity bills
  • Generate your own electricity
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and help protect the environment
  • Virtually no maintenance required

Free-Sol Offers:



Grid connected PV systems


The PV panels absorb daylight and convert it to DC electricity which flows into an inverter that converts the DC electricity to AC electricity which can be used in the home. You can store surplus solar energy in batteries for personal use or sell your unused electricity back to the grid. We ensure that the system has all the necessary permissions and authorizations.



Off-grid PV systems


If your home is in the countryside and not connected to the power grid, you can generate your electricity from solar panels and store the surplus in batteries.

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